Distribute Your Widget from the Dashboard

Great news! We added a new tab in the Dashboard – Distribute. Now you can easily publish your widgets in galleries and archives. Distributing your widgets brings new users and traffic to your website.

Log in to your dashboard and open the Distribute tab. You’ll see two options: “Submit to Galleries” and “Submit to download archives”.

Choose “Submit to Galleries” to submit your widget to three widget galleries:

· Desktopify gallery

· Live Gallery

· Widgipedia

You can also submit your widget to download archives. These are catalogs where people search for applications, games, and utilities. Follow the instructions provided to submit your widget to these archives. You can submit your Windows Gadget and Standalone Windows Widget as well.

While submitting your widget to galleries and archives, don’t forget about SEO. Publishing your widgets on high Page Ranked archives has a great impact on your SEO. Your widget could be on top in Google by using carefully chosen keywords. Research your targeted keywords and use them in the widget’s title, description, and tags while submitting.

The Distribute tab is not the only feature we recently added. Here are some more:

1. Mac Dashboard Widgets support
Instead of stand-alone Mac Widgets, Dashboard Widgets are created. Now your Widgets work like any other widget with the MacOS X Dashboard.

2. iGoogle, Netvibes, and Widget box widgets support
Easily convert your iGoogle, Netvibes and Widgetbox widgets. Now Desktopify fully supports these widgets – just paste a code.

3. One account for many widgets
You can now have more than one widget on one account. Just sign in with your login/password to add new widgets to your account.

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