How to get visitors to your website


Previously we wrote about how to promote your desktop widget. Today we’ll talk about how to get repeat visitors to your website.

This short post talks about putting your widget on Windows Live Gallery, which is a great channel of distribution of your widgets. Best of all, people who download your widget from this popular site will have easy access to your website – increasing your traffic quickly. Here’s how to take advantage of this popular channel:

  1. Make a widget.
    If you already have a web widget, just paste your widget code and get a desktop widget. If you don’t have a web widget, use our Web Grabber to grab content from you website and make one.
  2. Submit your widget to Windows Live Gallery.

Some tips:

  • Make a widget that will be useful and interesting for your audience.
  • Create a great thumbnail that will attract attention.
  • Use an appealing name and description.

What you can expect?

Let’s take a look at some examples. Here is a Pacman gadget that was published in Live Gallery. During its first month alone it received about 10,000 downloads from Live Gallery. The interesting thing is that nice looking widgets make people actively share it. Actual installs from Live Gallery and other resources for this widget came to more than 30,000 installs during the first month. Sounds great.

Here are more successful examples:

· Horoscope Daily gadget  2.2 million downloads

· Piano gadget  2.8 million downloads

· Language Translator gadget  6.5 million downloads

· And finally WeatherBug gadget 26.4 million downloads

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