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What is Desktopify?

Desktopify is the web platform for converting web widgets for the desktop. With Desktopify you can make stand-alone desktop widgets for Windows and Mac.

Who uses Desktopify?

We made Desktopify for online businesses or webmasters who take care of their users and brand. Desktopify is the bridge between the web and the desktop. It allows you to establish your website´s (or just part of it) presence on user´s desktops.

Why we made Desktopify

There are two worlds: web and desktop. With the huge success of Web 2.0 we saw the evolution of web applications and sites, and we noticed that there is a big gap between the desktop and web philosophy. We decided to wrap one to another.

Our idea is to help websites move to the desktop and provide a well known desktop interface for their users. Our approach "Install only the widgets you want, and skip the other garbage.".

There are a lot of solutions showing up recently. But they don´t allow the user to install the widget. You need to install framework or sidebar. This is irrational if you want just one or two widgets.

Why you should use Desktopify

With the help of Desktopify you take place on your user´s desktop. Your website is always one click away. You provide your service in real-time right to the desktop. You increase your traffic and improve user loyalty. Your widget doesn´t interfere or compete with other widgets in sidebar. Your users don´t need to install a framework. There is simply your widget, on the user´s desktop.

Who we are

We´ve been helping online businesses move to desktop for a long time, and we´ve been in business more than 10 years now. We are the recognized leader of the toolbar market, making toolbars for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera, and created the popular toolbar platform Besttoolbars. More than 7000 companies are using solutions built on our platform:

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